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 telepad with its Router in the background
telepad with its Router in the background

Certification Required None
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Deploy
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition -
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity -
Zoom None
Note Can only be obtained from a deployed Router


The Telepad is not available through the standard Equipment terminal, but must be obtained from a deployed Router.

The Telepad then allows front-line troops to create an instantaneous two-way Teleporter between the point where the Telepad is placed, and it's linked Router.

The Telepad is placed on the ground, and then takes one minute to activate, upon which the link is formed. Once active, the telepad can be destroyed by any weapon by hitting the largest telepad fragment at the top. It must be placed where there is room for a soldier to materialise, and has a range of 300m -- about the distance from Tower to Base Spawn Room. Telepads also have an interference range similar to that of an AMS, thus another telepad cannot be placed close to an already active one. Like other deployables, a telepad placed by you can be deconstructed by double clicking on its icon on the Continental Map and selecting to deconstruct it.

The link is not IFF Aware, so enemy troops may travel back through the link from the Telepad to the Router. If the host Router is hacked, the deployed telepad is destroyed.