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Pulsed Particle Accelerator (BFR)

Certification Required BattleFrame Robotics
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Primary Mode Particle Pulse Accelerator
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Aphelion PPA Ammunition
Range 250m
Inventory Dimensions BFR Pilot Weapon
Magazine Capacity 25
Zoom 2x
Note No Damage Degradation

Pulsed Particle Accelerator

The Pulsed Particle Accelerator serves the Aphelion and Eclipse as a primarily Anti-Vehicular weapon. It is an adaptation of the Magrider's forward facing light PPA, but it charges particles longer and is attuned to lower frequencies for better punch through heavily armored targets. The weapon's particles dissipate after medium distance travel, but makes up for that with consistent energy damage throughout its range and direct-fire trajectory. While extremely effective on vehicles and low flying/hovering aircraft, the PPA is not very effective on light infantry.