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Tactical Overlay

 Battle represented on the
Tactical Overlay
Battle represented on the Tactical Overlay

The Tactical Overlay is a grid of colored blocks on the continent map that can be used to monitor friendly troop deployment, detect enemy forces, and visualize the flow of battle.

All players have access to this tactical data, regardless of battle or command rank.

To view the tactical data, click on the Tactical toggle on the continent map, or press the A key.

Each square is 1/4 by area of the map's Grid squares.


Aqua squares represent areas under surveillance, where no significant troop activity is detected.

Purple, Red, and Blue squares indicate VS, TR, and NC movements, respectively.

Yellow areas indicate contested regions (i.e. nearly equal number of enemy and friendly units, or nearly equal number of two different enemies).

Relative opacity increases as the total number of detected individuals increases.


Friendly troops are shown on the tactical overlay all all times. Enemy troops are only shown if they are in the detection range (aqua squares). The detection area is determined by two factors: Friendly units and towers. Friendly Scout Vehicles have a large detection area while foot soldiers have a slightly smaller detection range. Tower detection area is determined by tower type and its location. Watch towers have a larger detection area than Gun towers or Air towers. Because of interference, towers close to bases have smaller detection areas than those in the open (Warpgate outpost towers).

Undetectable Units

Certain enemy units do not show up on the tactical overlay. These include:

Occupants of undetectable units are also undetectable (e.g. galaxy passengers)