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Launched May 29, 2003.

Features and Fixes

1) MAX armor sometimes got stuck in a situation where it could not reload ammunition. This is resolved.

2) Storm fronts are much larger now, increasing the chance that you'll actually see weather in-game.

3) Base experience for killing players has been increased from 50 points to 100 points. Other variables increase the values from there (type of armor, weapons carried, how long since last respawn), but the base value has been doubled. Battle Experience should increase correspondingly for kill situations.

4) A large optimization to the way we process objects has been made. This should significantly improve framerate when near facilities and large battles.

5) The Striker no longer has the "raytrace from your kneecap" issue and now does its raytrace from the muzzle of the weapon, thus preventing LOS issues that shouldn't occur.

6) If the gunner bails on a Magrider, the driver will no longer be left in a situation where he cannot drive the vehicle.

7) There is now a "Location" column on the Server Selection screen. This is used instead of the old parenthetical description in the server names so that you can easily sort servers by location. For instance, what was once "Markov (US West)" is now just "Markov" and there is a "US West" description in the Location column.

8) There should no longer be a way to get out of the Options screens without first encountering a "Do you wish to save these changes?" dialog box. This prevents players from thinking they've saved their options without them actually being saved.

9) The weather clouds now show up properly when a storm front moves into view.

10) First-time experience rewards are reenabled (without the exploit potential).

11) Several zone crash issues are resolved. Server stability has been increased dramatically.