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The Invader is the flight variant of BattleFrame Robotics developed by the Terran Republic.

Flight variants are single-pilot BFRs with a flight pack on their backs to allow the BFR to fly vertically for a short amount of time (in a similar manner to the VS MAX units' jump-jets). The flight systems are powered by the "BFR capacitor", which is measured with a small bar on the player's HUD. The capacitor recharges over time when the flight systems are not in use. When a flight variant uses its flight systems, the shields are deactivated for the entire time the BFR is in the air, reactivating once it lands. Additionally, the shield levels will be drained as long as the BFR is in flight. The BFR can remain airborne until the capacitor is drained, then it will begin dropping back to the ground.

Flight variants have much less armor and take a larger amount of time to regenerate their shields compared to their gunner counterparts. Conversely, flight variants can run and walk much faster than the ground variants, giving them the ability to flee relatively quickly when under attack.

Pilot Weapons

The pilot weapons available to the Colossus are

The pilot can equip two of these weapons, in any combination. Additionally, it is possible to manually deactivate one of the weapons, using them one at a time (one weapon must always remain active, however).