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 Soldier is loading his
Soldier is loading his Spiker

Certification Required Medium Assault
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Energy Orb
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Ancient Capacitor Unit
Range 200 m
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity 25
Zoom 4x
Note The longer the primary fire key is held, the more powerful the orb


With the discovery of the Core Complex came the introduction of the Spiker medium assault weapon. Now known as "The Potato", the Spiker is a slingshot-type weapon with amazing impact and splash damage, making it a cloaker favorite. The longer the fire key is held before release, the more powerful the projectile. There is a maximum, however, and the weapon will make a distinctive sound when the maximum is reached. When at maximum power, the ammo will start counting down (to maintain power), thus careful managing of the trigger is needed to best conserve ammo.

While the weapon is classified as a pistol, it requires the Medium Assault certification to purchase, yet fits into the pistol inventory slot, allowing its use by cloakers. In addition, unless the user is in the core, the base must have an Equipment Module installed for the weapon to be purchased. Many players circumvent this by placing large caches of the weapon into their lockers, making them available anywhere on the battlefield.