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Version 2.1.6 (Nov. 5, 2003)

  • Spawn Tube doors will no longer prevent damage to the spawn tubes.
  • Router Telepads will now Deconstruct properly if the Router itself deconstructs.
  • The Spiker will now show up properly in Third person view.
  • Secondary fire mode on the Maelstrom will now cause damage to vehicles.
  • Galaxies may no longer enter Core Combat Caverns through the Geowarps.
  • Router telepads cannot be deployed unless the Router is deployed.
  • Router telepads will now disappear if the Router they are connected to is jacked.
  • The Flail and Ancient Turret reticules will now display the Ancient Tech reticule properly.
  • Combat Engineering Deployables can no longer be placed in doorways.
  • Weapons will no longer be locked inside an inactive geowarp.
  • TR MAXes can no longer anchor themselves on Ziplines.
  • Combat Engineers can now deploys ACEs near vehicles.
  • ACEs can be deployed near Phalanx Turrets again.
  • The Cone of Fire on VS MAXes has been returned to previous values when it is using jumpjets.
  • Flail projectiles will now show up on the Proximity Map.
  • Vortex Modules will now deconstruct properly after the 48 hour timer expires.
  • Changed memory management code to decrease its reliance on the Windows swap file. This is to reduce some of the stuttering issues that players have been experiencing.
  • The Flail's ammo capacitor now holds 50 shots and its armor has been reduced.
  • The down angle on the Flail's turret has been decreased so there is now a large "under the guns" radius around it and infantry should have a much easier time getting close enough to assault it.
  • Particle effect enhancements to the router telepads and modules.