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Version 3.6.9, released June 21, 2005.

  • Enabled the Rocklet Rifle to use Fragmentation grenade ammo and fire them as mini Flak rounds that explode in proximity to aircraft.
  • Adjusted the Reaver and Mosquito's maximum health down 5% to reflect the "stealth benefit" of gaining 10% more useable armor by not losing control when at 10% remaining armor.
  • Adjusted the Reaver weapon systems to promote its use against vehicle targets.
  • Significantly increased rocket projectile speed and acceleration to help better hit moving targets at range
  • Decreased rocket damage against infantry
  • Decreased rocket splash damage range
  • Increased rocket damage against vehicle targets
  • Improved Rocket and Gun default Cone of Fire
  • Decreased the lock on time of the Sparrow Max and, to a lesser extent, the Sparrow BFR pilot weapons.
  • Corrected an issue with the Sweeper where it would not damage MAX armor with normal rounds.