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Type Medium Transport
Role Medium Troop Transport
Certification Required Ground Transport
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Primary Weapon 2 Flux Pods
Secondary Weapon -
Occupants 5 (Driver, 2 Gunners and 2 Passengers)
Handling Good
Top speed 63 kph (40 kph over water)


The Aurora variant developed by the Vanu Sovereignty is equipped with Flux Pod Launchers, similar in effect to the Flux Cannon with an indirect arc of fire. A secondary fire mode launches a salvo of 6-pods in rapid succession with a large cone of fire that rains destruction on the enemy. Each clip holds 12 pods, thus one must reload often. Best used against infantry, but effective against other vehicles/armor at close range. Due to the arc of fire, we suggest you avoid upclose encounters. Like the Deliverer, the Aurora has adequate trunk space and can cross calm rivers and waterways by floating at the surface.

Introduced: May 27, 2004 with update version 2.7.6.