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 like the
like the Magrider

Type Heavy Assault Buggy
Role Attack
Certification Required Assault Buggy or Light Scout
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Primary Weapon Flux Cannon
Secondary Weapon -
Ammunition Used Flux Battery
Occupants 2 (Driver and Gunner)
Handling Good
Top speed 85 kph (59 kph over water)


The Thresher and its capibility to hover makes it the fastest and most agile of all the empire specific Assault buggies.

Designed for a two-person crew, a driver and a gunner position are oriented side-by-side.

The gunner has access to the top-mounted "Flux Cannon," capable of firing at high speeds in the full arc of horizontal motion. With a magazine of 100 rounds, the gunner can fire for a good length without reloading.

Driving the Thresher is similar to driving and maneuvering other Hovercraft. The open cockpit allows the driver and the gunner to wear up to Reinforced Exo-Suit.