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Soldier firing a Lancer
Soldier firing a Lancer

Certification Required Anti-Vehicular
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Primary Mode Energy Beam
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Large Energy Cell
Range 300 m
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 6
Zoom 4x


The Vanu Sovereignty's Anti-Vehicular weapon, the Lancer, feature a fast-moving energy projectile with a small cone of fire. However, it takes approximately 1 second for the weapon to charge prior to each shot, necessitating the soldier to lead moving targets. The Lancer has a greater range than the Phoenix and Striker.

As an interesting sidenote, this is the only non-MAX Vanu beam weapon not to use the universal Energy Cell ammo.

Shots to kill:

MAX 6 shots
Lightning 9 shots
Prowler 22(?) shots
Magrider 17(?) shots
Vanguard 23(?) shots

(The above numbers are taken with full Armor; no Vehicle Shields applied)