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Deconstructing refers to one of two things:

  1. When a player Recalls, calls Instant Action, enters a Respawn tube, or accesses an AMS's Respawn panel and dematerializes in a cloud of green nanite dust.
  2. To deconstruct, simply approach one of the above areas and press the "G" key when prompted to deconstruct.
  3. When a game object dematerializes in a cloud of green nanite dust. The occasions for this to happen vary.
  4. Destroyed vehicles dematerializing after a time to clear roadways and lines of fire.
  5. Auto-deconstruction of a vehicle too close to an exterior doorway, restricted ground, vehicle pad, or zipline.
  6. Auto-deconstruction of a vehicle that has lost ownership. This occurs five minutes after ownership is lost (AMSes have a 15 minute timer)
  7. Dematerializing of objects, such as backpacks, in areas of heavy population or activity to reduce lag.
  8. Manual deconstruction of a vehicle by the player from their vehicle management window.