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Version 2.8.5 (July 6, 2004)

  • We have made some performance optimizations by reducing the client's reliance on the system page file in lower memory machines.
  • Data tracking is being implemented to begin the tracking process for Merit Commendations. With the first update, no awards will be available. This round of tracking is being used to ensure that the data is valid and tracking correctly, so it will not be used to award any commendations. Only the Meritorious Service (awarded to players who are at least one year old) commendation will be available.
  • The Map screen will now feature an overlay grid, dividing the map into sectors that can be easily identified and communicated. A soldier's grid location will be shown in the proximity radar. each squad member's grid loc will be displayed in the squad display beneath their name (so, you see squad member number, name, health, armor, and Grid Location for each squad/platoon member)
  • Players will be able to toggle their LFS flag to turn off and be off when they first log into the game.
  • A new feature is being implemented called Proximity Squad formation. This feature will simplify the squad formation process by sending an invite to un-squadded players with the LFS flag on within 25m of the player who initiates the command.
  • Players will have the ability to spawn multiple chat windows, where they can send different channels to. For example, a player could create a new window that all broadcast chat would be sent to.
  • There will now be 8 banks of 8 shortcut keys. CTRL+F1 through CTRL+F8 will switch between them (where F1 represents shortcut bank one, F2 represents bank two and so on).
  • Enemies spotted by yourself will properly appear on your radar. Previously, they would only show up on your squadmates' radar (or not at all if you were not in a squad).
  • Outfit invitations will now display the name of the Outfit you are being invited to, in addition to the name of the person inviting you.
  • There is a new Advanced Graphic option to disable rendering Shoreline Effects.
  • Avatars will no longer be propelled in the air when respawning at an AMS in the caverns.