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101st Screamin' Eagles

The 101st Screamin’ Eagles are a very respectable outfit on Markov. We have earned several people their CR5 and continue to do so. The 101st are known for our JTC drops, a specialized Gal Drop that is done with style and gusto, these drops almost never fail even when dropping into a situation where we are outnumbered as much as 20 or 30 to one, the mission gets completed and we are also known for a rare and difficult maneuver, “Taking the Fight to the Enemy”. In this maneuver we secretly invade an enemy home Planet and drain and hack a base, usually by the time resistance shows up we hold several bases and the fight has been known to continue for weeks.

When the 101st sets an Outfit target, many other TR join the fight, because the 101st has the Commanders, and the squad leaders to win most fights. The 101st was hit hard by the BF2 release, and currently we do not have a website. We do however have a Team Speak server and are members of the “Red Plague Alliance” (RPA1) we also have an alternate Outfit on Emerald and Werner. These alternate Outfits are “Blues Brothers” and “Grape Nutz” they are NC and VS respectively. We are always recruiting people who want to have fun and play with good friends. Team Speak is available but not required; we just want to have fun. And who can have fun when you are loosing?