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3030 was originally formed on Markov during closed beta in 2002, making it one of Planetside's oldest outfits. When Planetside went retail, 3030 moved to Johari to avoid high pings, but returned to Markov when the servers merged.

3030 is a group of real-life friends from Davis, CA. Albes, Adambomb-J, Bartleby-J, Nyholm, Natron-J, Contred, Flashpoint, xAFROxCOREx, and TaintedPaladin all hail from this hella awesome town.

Unfortunately all but 2 members stopped playing once Star Wars Galaxies was released. These 2 members left 3030 and formed "The Dummkopf and Albes Show". Sadly the show was canned by SOE's 2 man outfit bug. Dummkopf dissapeared into the frozen Canadian tundra while Albes returned to 3030. In 2006, longtime friend/neighbor of 3030, TaintedPaladin, left his outfit and finally joined the one-man duo of Albes/Bartleby-J.

3030 has extremely strict requirements for recruitment which include residence in Davis, CA and ownership of the Core Combat expansion is prohibited. This is most likely the reason why Albes was the only member for 90% of 3030's four year existence.

3030 embraces the classical Planetside ways. We don't use BFRs, we don't move the turret on our Lightnings, and we are not confined by the lattice system. Auraxis is one solid planet without any substantial caverns, and mods are a figment of your imagination.

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