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Currently in retirement from the game, but still one of the most widely recognized Terran Republic outfits on Emerald. KAAOS (Killing As An Organized Sport) had been with PlanetSide since day one.

Led by it's long-time leader Hedron, KAAOS had made it's mark by their patented "KAAOS Drops". This drop was marked by the large group of AirCav (Reavers and/or Mosquitos) that flew over a target, and dropped all at once. Once landed, and the door is breached, they surged to their target, emphasizing KAAOS' underlying principle of speed.

In more recent history, KAAOS had also made its mark in the hearts of all BFR pilots. Numbers permitting, the sargeants of KAAOS would often lead the aircav fleet on Reaver runs to attack BFRs attacking a base. A leader was called, and that leader went ahead with the reaver mob behind them. The leader would then call a target BFR, and every pilot would then unload their reaver's payload into that BFR. About 96% of the BFRs targetted by this method were destroyed on the first run and any second runs promised the BFRs demise.

On October 8th, 2005, KAAOS publically announced it's retirement from the game. A few members of the outfit are still around, but none of them really having the same effect as KAAOS had before. A few of the members have moved on to other outfits, while others have decided to stay loyal to the KAAOS name and wear the tag until the very end of PlanetSide.

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