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BFR (Certification)

Type BattleFrame Robotic
Provides Access To BattleFrame Robotics
Peregrine (NC), Colossus (TR), Aphelion (VS)
With BFR Basic Merit: Eagle (NC), Invader (TR), Eclipse (VS)
Pre-requisite Armored Assault I and Armored Assault II
Required For BFR Anti-Aircraft, BFR Anti-Infantry
Cert Point Cost 4

Battle Frame Robotics

You must have a BFR Imprint from the caverns before obtaining this certification.

Upon completion, you have access only to the Gunner Variant BFR, not the Flight Variant.

Flight Variant's (FV) are avaliable after completing the BFR Basic.

This Certification is required to obtain the BFR Basic Merit Commendation.