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Vanu Sovereignty

The destiny of the human species tilts toward ruin. Thousands of years of shortsightedness and provincial thinking have hampered its proper evolution. We plunge toward oblivion. Those able to comprehend the promise and potential of humanity will advance. They will usher the less gifted through the gateway of understanding and cleanse the taint of blindness, ignorance and mulishness from the species. We are the shepherds of evolution, the harbingers of progress. We lead toward the light.

— Vanu Sovereignty information brochure


The Vanu Sovereignty is one of three Empires waging war on Auraxis. Of the three, the Vanu Sovereignty has most embraced the technology of the Ancients. Most of their infantry weapons use Energy Cells instead of conventional rounds. This provides provides flexibility in allowing most weapons to have an anti-infantry and an armor-piercing mode without having to change ammunition. All of the Vanu Sovereignty's empire-specific weapons launch energy instead of projectiles. These energy weapons cannot go through water like conventional projectiles.

The Vanu Sovereignty's other distinguishing characteristic is mobility. They boast the only vehicles that boast MagLev propulsion systems. By not using wheels, their vehicles can strafe side-to-side and can also travel over water. The special ability of the Vanu Sovereignty MAXes is their Jump Jets, allowing these units to jump over walls and other barriers.

The name Vanu is taken from the original name for the Ancients to show their undying faith.

Empire Specific Items




BattleFrames (BFR)

One-Manned Field Turret