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Fragmentation grenade

Certification Required Standard Assault
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Explode on Contact
Secondary Mode Three Second Fuse
Ammunition -
Inventory Dimensions 2 x 2 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity 3
Zoom None

Fragmentation Grenade (Frag Grenade)

The Fragmentation grenade creates an explosion and throws shrapnel which does significant damage to anything within the blast radius. These grenades are considered anti-vehicular grenades, and as such do more damage to MAXes than to infantry. With the exception of hand-held Plasma grenades versus infantry, fragmentation grenades do more damage to all targets than plasma.

As with all Hand grenades, holding the fire key longer increases the throw distance.

In addition to the hand-held three-pack, Fragmentation grenades are also available in ammo boxes for use with the Thumper and Punisher.