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Version 3.15.53 - Thursday March 19th, 2009

Event Changes

Lasher Changes

  • Reduced clip size to 35

Official Patch Notes

After finding they couldn't meet with the demands on improved armor for all of those tanks, Nano manufacturing settings switched the improved armor from Main Battle Tanks to smaller vehicles, starting with small air vehicles (Mosquito, Wasp and Reaver). To help infantry survive the influx of air Nano in the wild the remaining reserves of the improved armor materials were diverted to the Deliverers, Raiders, Thunderers, Auroras and all buggies and ATVs. The improved armor supplies will be depleted soon so make sure you get as much out of them as you can before we have to resort to older materials for all vehicles.

Additionally, a peace accord was arranged regarding using improved armor material on knives and knives will no longer be manufactured with such material and return to normal.

In other advancements, to help keep up with the constantly changing battlefield, cloning scientists have come up with a way to reset solider training, a recertification, and will be issuing these to all soldiers with the armor change and again when the improved armor material has run out.

Other Notes: The clip size of the lasher has been lowered to 35 orbs per clip.