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Warp queue

Any characters trying to enter a zone currently under population lock via a warpgate, geowarp, or the HART shuttle, rather than immediately being transported to the target continent will be placed in the Warp Queue.

The character's position in the queue is displayed in a small box on the HUD and overlaid on the Continental Map. A 'cancel' button is also provided to allow players a chance to travel to a different zone. If the player chooses to cancel from the queue, he will lose his place in line. If the driver leaves a vehicle while in the queue, he will also lose his place. Any character entering a vehicle where the driver is already in the queue will share the driver's space in the queue. This latter also creates the need for enough slots to fill up to handle all occupants of the vehicle.

While waiting in the queue, characters may still use the /broadcast chat channel for the continent they are leaving. In the case where a warpgate or geowarp is being used, the player can close the map and move around their current zone as normal. Moving to another zone or being killed will also result in the player being removed from the queue.