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Version 3.11.6 (April 18th, 2006)

  • Increased the damage versus vehicles and equipment for the Phoenix, Lancer and Striker. (Damage versus flight vehicles is unchanged)
  • Increased the damage versus BFRs for the Lancer and Striker. (The Phoenix was already at the ratio in line with the Lancer and Striker)
  • Decreased the damage versus BFRs for the Decimator to be in line with the other hand held AV weaponry.
  • Greatly increased damage vs. vehicles, BFRs and equipment inflicted by Pounders, Comets, and Falcons (Anti-Vehicular MAX weapons).
  • Slightly increased damage vs. other MAXes inflicted by Pounders, Comets, and Falcons.
  • Increasing the damage versus Armor, Flight Vehicles, Maxes and BFRs for the Falcon, Comet and Pounder.
  • Increased the damage vs. vehicles and equipment inflicted by Punisher and Rocklet rockets.
  • Increased armor of Harassers, Marauders, Threshers, and Enforcers.
  • Increased armor of Flight Variant BFRs.
  • The Striker will no longer lock onto base wall turrets when they are destroyed until they have become active again.