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Soldier equipped with a Mini-Chaingun
Soldier equipped with a Mini-Chaingun

Certification Required Heavy Assault
Empire Terran Republic
Primary Mode Rapid Fire
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition 9mm Bullet (Standard / Armor Piercing)
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 100
Zoom 2x

Mini-Chaingun (MCG)

The Mini-Chaingun is the Heavy Assault weapon of the Terran Republic. It follows the principle of all the Terran Republic weapons, sacrificing damage per hit for rapid fire.

Like all Heavy Assault weaponry, the Mini-Chaingun meets its highest damage output at close quarters, when all or most of its bullets have opportunity to hit their target. However, the Mini-Chaingun can be used to some effectiveness at medium ranges if the weapon is carefully burst-fired. This allows the Mini-Chaingun to gain a slight advantage over enemy soldiers toting empire-specific Heavy Assault weaponry outdoors.

Shots to kill:

Standard Exo-Suit 8 shots
Agile Exo-Suit 9 shots
Reinforced Exo-Suit 13 shots
MAX 58 AP shots

(The above numbers are taken with 100 Health and full Armor; no MedKits, Implants or Empire Incentives applied)