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Type Light Assault Aircraft
Role Recon
Certification Required Air Cavalry Scout or Light Scout
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon 12mm Rotary Chaingun
Secondary Weapon -
Ammunition Used Rotary Chaingun Bullets
Occupants 1 (Pilot)
Handling Good
Top speed 119 kph (287 kph with Afterburner)


The Mosquito is a fast, agile, and lightly armored scout craft. It carries only a 12mm light rotary chaingun, but it can easily slip past automated defenses (it's not visible on enemy radar).

Additionally, the Mosquito carries radar capable of picking up enemy troops at fairly long range and transmitting that information to nearby friendly forces, causing enemy troops to be shown on other players' Proximity Maps.

The onboard radar works only at thrust settings of 50% or lower, and may not pick up motionless or shielded enemies.