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Ancient Sentry Turret

The Ancient-Tech Turret is found in the Caverns of Auraxis. They fire energy projectiles at a fairly rapid rate, with sufficient reserves of energy to fire 100 projectiles. Its reserves automatically recharge if the turret weapon is not fired for a few seconds.

The turret is similar in range and effectiveness to the Phalanx Wall Turret found on surface Facilities, and is effective against all types of targets. Ancient Sentry Turrets can be found in far more varied and numerous locations than the Phalanx.

As with the Phalanx, these turrets can be temporarily disabled by EMP blasts or grenades, and destroyed fairly quickly by AV weaponry.

Unlike the Phalanx, these turrets are not 'owned' by any particular Facility or Empire. This means they never auto-fire, even if shot, and so must be manned to fire at all. The turret's name will appear red unless manned by a friendly trooper, even unoccupied. Unless it is occupied by an enemy soldier or destroyed, anyone may use any of these turrets at any time, and they do not need to be hacked. They can be manually repaired (manned or unmanned), though the turrets will slowly repair themselves automatically at all times.

Also known as an Ancient-Tech Turret.

There is a known issue where friendly manned Ancient Sentry Turrets can appear enemy-controled.