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Version 2.4.7 (February 6, 2004)

Gameplay Changes

  • Reinforced Exo-Suit now absorbs two more points of damage and has 50 more armor.
  • The Empire Population Cap has been reduced so an equal number of players from each Empire can be on a continent at once. The over population cap is unchanged.
  • Flag icons now appear when a Cavern building is hacked.
  • Destroyed Spawn Tubes and Ancient Sentry Turrets will have a "destroyed" graphic to help players know their status.
  • Animation culling can now be toggled through the video options interface.
  • There now is a "Rotate Radar" option in the "Game Options" area that allows the Radar] view to rotate with the player.
  • Lodestar is now listed in kill stats.
  • Radiator clouds are now visible.
  • Tertiary mode on the Maelstrom will now fire grenades that explode on impact.

Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer spawn in invalid locations within an AMS bubble.
  • Base Lattice links will no longer go black when the status of a base changes.
  • Fixed an issue where players take no damage when shot at point blank range by certain weapons.
  • MAX death animations display properly.
  • Vehicles will no longer get stuck in autodrive if someone enters a gunner spot when the vehicle is created.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle momentum does not change when running over people.
  • Vehicles and players will no longer take damage when a player is dismounting and a gunner is firing.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles could drive through lava longer than they could drive through water.
  • The vehicle shield effect will no longer stick to players when they exited their shielded vehicles.
  • The Repair/Rearm functions of the Lodestar will no longer work inside of a warpgate.
  • Passengers recovering from Linkdeath in a Lodestar will no longer become stuck in the cargo bay.
  • Fixed a bug in ground vehicles where running over users with 0 armor will not kill them, but users with some armor points die instantly.
  • Bailing from an aircraft will no longer leave the 'inertial dampener' effect visible in the sky for a long time.
  • Advanced Targeting now shows the state of unmanned Ancient Sentry Turrets.
  • Ancient Sentry Turrets will fire properly after a player zones.
  • Holding a directional key while in the Overhead Map view and exiting the map will no longer cause the map to continue scrolling.
  • Vehicles with gunner positions that enter and exit a Lodestar will no longer lose gunner ammo upon exit.