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Type Light Gunship
Role Attack
Certification Required Air Cavalry Assault
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon 20mm Recoilless Cannon
Secondary Weapon Rocket Pod Launcher
Ammunition Used Recoilless Cannon Bullets and Reaver Rocket Pod
Occupants 1 (Pilot)
Handling Good
Top speed 104 kph (281 with Afterburner)


The Reaver carries much more armor and ordnance than the lighter Mosquito . Of course, this makes it less maneuverable, but the Reaver is easily the king of the skies with its forward-tilting 20mm recoilless cannon and secondary firing rocket launchers. The Reaver, like the Mosquito , carries only a single pilot.

The Reaver requires a Technology Plant lattice link or Sanctuary air vehicle pad in order to be purchasable.