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Version 3.15.2 (February 28, 2008)

Two new certifications have been introduced to continue the hacking profession. An advanced hacker must choose whether he wants to further increase his hacking potential with the REK or move to the dark side of hacking and install electronic viruses with the new T-REK. For the dedicated hacker, we have created the Electronics Expert certification which lets you have all hacking abilities at reduced cost. Here are a list of new abilities:

Expert Hacking

Data Corruption

  • Access a new equippable support item, the T-REK!
  • Infect vehicles' control systems, resulting in decreased speed and turn rate.
  • Install a virus into a facility's Main Terminal for a variety of effects:
  • Unlock all doors
  • Double NTU resource drain
  • Access all Equipment Terminals
  • Disable enemy radar
  • Disable linked benefits
  • Infect Wall Turrets and Spitfires so they will attack their own empire.
  • Infect Motion Sensors so they will display friendly units as enemies on radar.
  • Infect an Aegis Shield Generator to emit a pain field that damages friendly units.

When a facility's Main Terminal is infected, the virus will immediately take effect. However, aside from noticing the effects of the virus, other empires will not be able to discern the type of virus installed, and won't be directly notified that the virus exists for a short time after installation.

Also introducing a new deployable object, the Sensor Disruptor:

  • Usable by certing Combat Engineering and Advanced Hacking.
  • Alternate use of the Motion Sensor firemode; use the change ammo key to access the Sensor Disruptor.
  • Completely masks nearby friendly units from enemy radar, even when detected by sensors.
  • Can be deployed in any SOI, but only outside and not too close to a building.
  • Shares deployable limit with Motion Sensors.

Miscellaneous other changes:

  • Color of REK beam and hacking support icon will change depending on the hacker's certification.
  • A different message will now be displayed when a Wasp has a missile lock on your vehicle.