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Type Medium Transport
Role Medium Troop Transport
Certification Required Ground Transport
Empire New Conglomerate
Primary Weapon 2 Gauss Cannons
Secondary Weapon -
Ammunition Gauss Cannon Ammunition
Occupants 5 (Driver, 2 Gunners and 2 Passengers)
Handling Good
Top speed 63 kph (40 kph over water)


Bolstering the New Conglomerate's hard-hitting arsenal, the Thunderer variant is equipped with dual Gauss Cannons. These cannons are straight line-of-fire and have very limited explosion radius. The Gauss Cannon's small, concentrated blast makes even a near-miss heavily damaging to infantry. Like the Deliverer, the Thunderer has adequate trunk space and can cross calm rivers and waterways by floating at the surface.

Introduced: May 27, 2004 with update version 2.7.6.