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The Sunderer now comes in three variants: The Leviathan (VS), Vindicator (NC), and Juggernaut (TR). The Sunderer on this page no longer exists in game (as of Version 3.12.12, April 20 2007)


Type Heavy Transport
Role Heavy Troop Transport
Certification Required Ground Transport
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon 2 75mm Tank Cannons
Secondary Weapon -
Occupants 11 (Driver, 2 Gunners, 6 Infantry Passengers and 2 MAX Passengers)
Handling Poor
Top speed 58 kph


The Sunderer is a large, lumbering heavy ground transport capable of carrying a driver, 2 gunners, 6 passengers, and 2 MAXs. The gunners man two large 75mm Tank Cannons to be used in defense against vehicles, but depend on squad members disembarking to protect against up close infantry attack.