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Certification Required Data Corruption or Electronics Expert
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Vehicle Disruptor
Secondary Mode Virus Upload
Ammunition -
Range 5m
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity 4 (Primary fire) / Unlimited (Secondary fire)
Zoom None


The T-REK is a modified Remote Electronics Kit (REK), only usable by those with the Data Corruption or Electronics Expert certifications.

The T-REK is, opposed to the normal REK, a far more offensive type of equipment. The T-REK's abilities are aimed at crippling the enemy forces in a variety of ways. It can upload viruses into the Main Terminal of an enemy Facility causing certain benefits of that Facility to be temporarily lost, it can disrupt enemy vehicles causing certain problems like reduced speed and handling or inverted controls (left becomes right, and vice versa) and it can even turn an Empires own equipment against it.

There are 5 different types of viruses that can be uploaded into an enemy Facility through its Main Terminal (see Virus for more information). Viruses will last for the their duration unless an enemy Expert Hacker or Electronics Expert removes the virus.

It will take 30 seconds after the virus has been uploaded for the enemies to be alerted. Once that happens, all warning lights in the Facility will start flashing green, covering the interior of the base in an eery glow.

The T-REK is also capable of infecting enemy equipment with a virus, turning it against their former owners. The following equipment can be infected so that it will hinder the enemy instead of helping them:

The primary fire of the T-REK contains 4 shots (similar to the Decimator) that will disrupt enemy vehicles which can cause a number of effects;

  • Vehicle speed is reduced
  • Decreased handling