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Terran Republic

Loyalty until Death! Strength in Unity! Order requires law. Law is enforced through deterrence. Deterrence is based on the fear of consequences, and fear is the most powerful motivating force. The separatist groups, the Vanu Sovereignty and the New Conglomerate, will be dismantled through the exercise of forceful deterrence. Dissidents will fear the consequences of their disloyalty. Unity and order will be restored.

— Terran Republic propaganda poster


The Terran Republic is one of three Empires waging war on Auraxis. According to the Planetside Backstory, it is the original government entity from which the New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty split. On the battlefield, the Terran Republic's overriding philosophy is to hit their enemies with as much ordinance as possible in a short amount of time. Each individual shot does not do as much damage as an equivalent New Conglomerate weapon, but the sheer amount of shots that they can generate more than makes up for it.

Terran Republic vehicles expand on this "more is better" philosophy by usually having two gunner positions while the equivalent Vanu Sovereignty and New Conglomerate vehicles only have one gunner.

The special ability of the Terran Republic Mechanized Assault Exo-Suites is their ability to "lock down." While this makes the MAX unit immobile and limits its field of fire, it improves the rate of fire each MAX can produce.




BattleFrames (BFR)

One-Manned Field Turret