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Patch 3.13.5 (October 30, 2007)


  • Smashing pumpkins! Well, not really but if you happen to squeeze a few rounds off into your opponent and bring him down, you will be treated with Jack-O-Lantern corpses instead of the same old backpacks. Jack-O-Lantern corpses are empire specific, they have distinguishable glowing eyes, smoke exudes from their rotten core and the smell reminds us of last year’s left over candy in the back of the cupboard that you intend to pass off as this years candy treat. Or should we call that a trick?
  • Did you know that Jack-O-Lanterns originated in Ireland? People used to hallow out turnips and place candles inside to keep spirits and ghosts away. Because of the great potato famine in the mid 1800s, turnips weren’t as readily available so they used pumpkins as a replacement.
  • Have you ever been hit by a flying pumpkin? Have you been the target of childish Halloween pranks? Has your home been hit with flying candy or flaming skulls? Have you danced with the devil in the pale moon light? Woops, wrong direction…. Well, now is your chance! Many projectiles have been replaced with Pumpkins, Candy Corn and Skulls!
  • Did you know that the signs of a werewolf are having a uni-brow, hairy palms, tattoos and a long middle finger? Reminds you of good ole uncle Chester, doesn’t it?
  • Like every eerie Halloween, the weather is taking a turn for the worse. In many of the continents and sanctuaries, the skies have become cloudy and discolored. Be aware, visibility may be a factor.
  • Speaking of color, did you know that orange and black are Halloween colors because orange is associated with the Fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death. ….and Green resembles the color of your face after eating candy all night!
  • Darklight Vision has a whole new look this festive season. Instead of green with purple fog, you’ll now see ghosts through red on top of red fog.
  • Did you know that the checking account number at the bank for Rita Miller in the movie, Ghost is 92631043?
  • Someone replaced the curtains in spawn tubes! So we’ve replaced them with something more befitting this time of year: Coffin doors with a picture of someone that must have led a bad life while on Auraxis.
  • Apparently Janet Leigh from the shower scene in Psycho has not taken a shower since first watching the movie… She feels a bit safer taking a bath.
  • The Chainblade Massacre is back! All players will be able to use Cloaking Infiltration Suits without need of the certification on Desolation (this is our version of ghosts).
  • In a true manner of Halloween, players will only be allowed to use a Knife to kill other players.
  • Players are urged to get proper Implants before entering the zone such as Darklight in order to see all apparitions.
  • The zone has limited vehicles.
  • New change is that Knives’ secondary mode will now damage vehicles and equipment. This damage should slightly increase with Melee Booster implants.
  • Oh, and don’t worry about damage from vehicles trying to mow you over. That has been changed. Nor should you worry about damage from an exploding vehicle. Consider yourself in a zombie state under these circumstances.
  • If a base is drained of its resources, hang tight as they will be replenished almost immediately.
  • The Oshur lock benefit has been removed for the duration of this event. In addition, all base linked benefits have been removed for fairness (before, it was just interlinked)
  • Over 10% of pet owners dress their pets in Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween!