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Version 3.8.9 (August 16 2005)

Update Highlights:

  • Battle Rank Increase: Battle Rank (BR) 24 and 25 have been added. No new certifications or implants added for these ranks.
  • Reaching BR 24 grants the toggleable helm. The commands to use this new feature are /hide_helmet and /helmet.
  • Reaching BR 25 grants new armor graphics.
  • Certificate Reallocation: BR 6, BR 12, and BR 18 no longer give certificate points. Instead these three cert points are given at BR1.
  • Heavy Scout Rifle: The Heavy Scout Rifle is now available to soldiers with the Sniping certification.
  • Training Missions: Vehicle Training Mission added and other training missions have been updated.
  • Performance Enhancements: Some performance enhancements changes have been made.
  • In Game Ads: An In Game advertisement system has been added through billboard style ads that are streamed by Massive Incorporated.
  • EULA Updated: Please note the End User License Agreement (EULA) for Planetside has been updated. You can view the updated version during the log in process after Tuesday's Update or at 1.

Other Highlights:

  • Darklight Vision now costs 3 stamina points to activate, in addition to the normal stamina drain while it is active.
  • Third-person view now cancels Darklight Vision and vice-versa.
  • In-game help has been updated and reorganized
  • Added vehicle hit sound (replaces player grunts when taking damage in a vehicle).

Equipment Changes:

  • Boomers placed near generators, medical terminals, and BFR terminals, certification terminals will now do the correct amount of damage.
  • Boomers placed outside spawn tubes will now do the correct amount of damage whether the door is opened or closed.
  • Boomers placed inside spawn tubes will now do the correct amount of damage whether the door is opened or closed.
  • The Switchblade should no longer take an excessive amount of time to repair at a silo. This also affects the Flail and Router!
  • MAX Armor: NC Max shield should now turn off when in Galaxy.
  • Maelstrom: Maelstrom chain lash grenade splash can no longer go through ceilings and damage enemies above
  • Maelstrom: Chain-Lash Grenade Mode: Should now cause the correct damage when it detonates on the middle part of base tunnel walls
  • Router Telepads should no longer appear as a Boomer in the overhead map
  • The Striker will no longer lock on to cloaked AMSes while the wielder is outside the cloak bubble.

UI Changes:

  • Deployables no longer display on overhead map if they are deleted while a player is respawning
  • Boomer icon no longer remains on map after it has been detonated
  • Users should now be able to see 'Global' and 'Command' messages while dead
  • Achievements: Date should now sort correctly
  • Players should no longer get stuck at training mission steps (waypoint, delay trigger)
  • Mission Status window: Clicking on the help icon should now point to the correct help page
  • Help: Offline Training is no longer listed in the help section
  • Empire Benefits window is now resizable
  • Statistics pane is now resizable
  • Character Info: Training: Matrix Panel is no longer missing from the tasks list.
  • First Time Help: Cyssor, Ishundar: Capitols are no longer mentioned in the text

Air Vehicle Changes:

  • Galaxy, Lodestar: Should now properly kick vehicles when cargo access changes.
  • Repair animation on landing pads should now stop playing when fully healed when you have the Armor Bonus benefit

Vehicle Changes:

  • BFRs: Should now correctly become disabled when the Vehicle Status bar reaches 0
  • Soldiers should now be able to deconstruct at an AMS just hacked

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Avatars can no longer become invisible if they move too far from a vehicle pad before the vehicle is created
  • The Orbital Strike waypoint should no longer remain visible after completion
  • Empires should no longer lose enemy vehicle benefits when capturing a base
  • Location of Flight Vehicle projectiles should now update while dead
  • MAX units should now show on the Interlink Facility radar all the time, but manned turrets should only shoot them when they are in run mode in any case.
  • You should no longer receive an "unknown error" message after adding a friend twice
  • You should now be able to respawn at valid available bases
  • Amerish: Warping to the geowarp will now place you at the correct location
  • Soldiers can now correctly respawn at a base if spawn tubes get repaired while zoning