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in the Caverns](../images/Teleporter.jpg){ class="figure" }

 Soldier exiting an
Ancient Teleporter in the Caverns
Soldier exiting an Ancient Teleporter in the Caverns

There are three types of Teleporter in Planetside.

  • Sanctuary Virtual Transit Link

Each Sanctuary Island is divided into three HART complexes. These columns, located at each corner of the HART building, allow instant travel between each complex. These are one-way, but operate cyclically, so just keep stepping into the column until you are at the complex you want.

These same teleporters are used in the VR Training areas and allow access to the vehicle range, shooting range, and exit from virtual reality.

  • Ancient Technology Cave Teleporter Rings

The Core Combat Caverns are dotted with glowing ring-pairs at strategic places on the floor. These are one-way travel from a cyan ring, to it's matching purple ring, and are typically used instead of stairs in Core buildings, and are only found in the caves, not above ground. Note: if you are still on top of the destination telepad when an enemy unit transports on top of you, you will be killed, and BEP awarded to the enemy. This is a tactic sometimes used by enemy cloakers to kill you instantly (without firing).

  • Router Telepad

A deployed Router and correctly placed Telepad form an instantaneous link between them, accessed by stepping into either the beam beneath the Router itself, or the floating telepad dome at the other end. This link allows for two-way travel.