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Known Issues

</p> <p>Known Issues</p> <p>

`<text xml:space="preserve">There are only so many hours in the day for the[SOE](../ to fix bugs. To report a bug, please visit the official forums or use the /bug command in game. Below is a list of currently known bugs and ways to work around them.`

  • BFR Bug
  • Description: When gunning for a BFR you can only aim up and down, when the BFR walks you stay in one place and not with the driver.
  • Workaround: Immediately bail out of the BFR and then go back in.
  • Door Bug
  • Description: Facility doors sometimes appear closed even though they are in fact open and enemy fire can go through. This bug most commonly occurs at the Back Door.
  • Workaround: Go up to the door and open it manually. This is only a temporary fix and the bug can occur again at any time.
  • Friendly-Manned Ancient Sentry Turret Bug
  • Description: Sometimes a member of your own empire that is manning an Ancient Sentry Turret will have their name in enemy colors as seen with the Enhanced Targeting implant. You get grief for shooting the seemingly enemy-held turret even if the friendly is in your own platoon.
  • Workaround: None. You can ask the occupant to get out and back in which will likely fix the problem. If you find friendlies shooting at you constantly, get out and back in yourself!
  • Scorpion Bug
  • Description: Sometimes the secondary bomblets fired from the Scorpion do not emerge from the primary explosion, basically making the weapon useless.
  • Workaround: Sometimes dropping the weapon on the ground then picking it up works. Other times you have to respawn to fix the problem.
  • Missile Lock-on Bug
  • Description: Sometimes lock-on weapons (Striker, Starfire, Sparrow, and Wasp) only lock or maintain lock when the crosshair is directly over the target, making it almost impossible to maintain a lock on your target.
  • Workaround: Usually the only way to fix the problem is to quit and open PlanetSide again. Respawning does not fix the problem in most cases.
  • Enhanced Targeting Bug
  • Description: The Enhanced Targeting implant will sometimes show an enemy vehicle or Wall Turret as having almost no health left, while in fact they are at full health. This sometimes happens when the vehicle is damaged, goes out of draw distance to repair, and then draws again at a later time. You will see the health it had the last time you saw the vehicle, and do not see that it was repaired.
  • Workaround: Dealing any damage to the enemy vehicle or Turret will cause its proper health to display.