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Version 3.15.29 - Wednesday December 3rd, 2008

Greetings Auraxians! We are very pleased to announce the long awaited Weapons Balance Pass, with this update you'll find some exciting changes to your favorite weapons and maybe a few to your least favorite weapons. In this update you'll notice right away that the Lasher has gone through a major overhaul, with their new Armor Piercing fire mode and increased Orb speed the Vanu Sovereignty will be ready for battle in any situation. Fans of the Sweeper Shotgun will also enjoy the increased clip size of this weapon which brings a little more power to all Empires. Additional changes have been outlined below!

  • Lasher
  • Increased Clip Size to 40
  • Added Armor Piercing Fire Mode (right-click)
  • Armor Piercing Orbs have a new color
  • Decreased Lash Damage & Radius
  • Increased Lasher Orb Velocity (the Rate of Fire was not changed)
  • Sweeper Shotgun
  • Ammo Clip adjusted to 12 rounds