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Plasma grenade

Hand grenade
Hand grenade

Certification Required Standard Assault
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Explode on Contact
Secondary Mode Three Second Fuse
Ammunition -
Inventory Dimensions 2 x 2 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity 3
Zoom None

Plasma Grenade

The damage caused by Plasma grenades depends on the method of delivery. Both methods inflict damage by splashing Plasma in an area effect. Affected objects continue to burn over a short period of time after the initial impact blast.

The Hand grenade version (comes in packs of three) does more damage than its box ammo counterpart (comes in boxes of 12 rounds), the latter used in the Punisher and Thumper. Thus if using hand grenades, plasma grenades are better against infantry than Fragmentation grenades. However, when using the box ammunition, the plasma grenades do significantly less damage. In this case the fragmentation grenades do more damage to all objects, including MAXes and infantry.

The Plasma will also reveal cloakers in the area as one can see the plasma burning on them even while cloaked, and thus can be a useful way of revealing cloakers without using the Darklight Implant.