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 Soldier carrying
a Jackhammer
Soldier carrying a Jackhammer

Certification Required Heavy Assault
Empire New Conglomerate
Primary Mode Single Shot
Secondary Mode Triple Shot
Ammunition Shotgun Shell or Armor Piercing Shotgun Shell
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 16
Zoom 2x


The Jackhammer is a powerful, three-barrel heavy assault shotgun. With a larger magazine capacity than the Sweeper pump-action shotgun and a higher rate of fire in semi-auto primary mode, it is very powerful in close-quarters combat, although its effectiveness rapidly drops off with range. The secondary mode fires all three barrels in very rapid succession. However, the secondary mode does less damage per shot (and thus will not kill a fully armored soldier wearing Reinforced Exo-Suit armor in one blast), and requires a longer delay before firing again as all barrels must be reloaded.

Shots to kill (Close to Medium Range):

Standard Exo-Suit 2-3 shots
Agile Exo-Suit 3-5 shots
Reinforced Exo-Suit 4-6 shots
MAX 11 AP shots

(The above numbers are taken with 100 Health and full Armor; no MedKits, Implants or Empire Incentives applied)