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Term of Service



Vanu Sovereignty

Terran Republic

New Conglomerate

Annual Term of Service

1 Year

Two Year Term of Service

2 Year

Three Year Term of Service

3 Year

Four Year Term of Service

4 Year

Five Year Term of Service

5 Year

Six Year Term of Service

6 Year

These Merits are awarded to player characters (not game accounts) every real-time year that they have served their Empire. Once earned, the highest level of the merit is automatically displayed on your avatar's shoulder (upon your next log-in to the game) in a special 4th display area above the other three. The highest Term of Service merit earned is always displayed and cannot be removed. The merit series stops at year 6.

Upon earning certain Term of Service merits, some hand-held weaponry and armor can be obtained for free, without the need for the normally associated certification: