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The Continental Lattice is a network of links between all facilities and warpgates on a continent. This network determines which base is next available for capture by each Empire. The network can be viewed on each continent's Continental Map view.

In addition, Facility Linked Benefits and module benefits are shared along unbroken chains in the lattice. Any disruption in this chain, be it a destroyed generator, enemy hack, or a base turning neutral, will break this link and sever the benefit.

Lattice can also refer to the Galactic Lattice, the interstellar network tying all the planets and continents together. This can be viewed from the Interstellar Map screen.

Lattice Colors and their Meaning

A yellow lattice link indicates a potential capture link between friendly and enemy empires.

A red, blue, or purple link indicate a connection between two friendly bases of an empire.

A gray link indicates a potential capture link between two enemy empires, but not your own.

A green link indicates a Sub-Capitol link, which controls the Force Dome system for Continental Capitols.

Game Lore

In game fiction terms, the lattice is the web of warpgate energy shunted through each base to allow for respawn points and the conversion of nanites into energy for powering systems.

Before The Bending, lattice networks sprawled between all warpgates on a continent. After The Bending, and the appearance of the Battle Islands, some of these warpgates have become inactive, shifting the lattice links between bases.

The Story of the Continental Lattice