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Holsters are inventory slots that allow stored weapons to be carried for immediate use. Holsters come in two sizes: Pistol and Rifle.

A Pistol holster is 3x3. A Rifle holster is 3x9.

Holstered items in the pistol slots appear on the thighs. Items in the rifle holsters appear on the player's back. Each armor type has a different configuration of holsters.

To equip a holster, simply click and drag the item into the slot. You can also Right-click on an item already in a holster to quickly swap it out with a similar-sized item in your backpack space, such as swapping out an REK for a BANK in the pistol holster.

Switching between holstered items requires that the first item being held be put away first, followed by the unholstering of the second item. This is done by pressing the correspoinding number for each holster:

1 - Left pistol slot 2 - Left rifle slot 3 - Right pistol slot 4 - Right rifle slot 5 - Melee weapon slot (Unchangeable) These extra holsters and inventory space come at a price in foot-speed. The greater you can carry, the slower you run or walk.