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's Anti-Vehicle
's Anti-Vehicle MAX

Certification Required Anti-Vehicle MAX or Uni-MAX
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Armor 650
Primary Mode Normal fire
Secondary Mode -
Magazine Capacity 10
Ammunition Energy Plasma
Special Ability Jumpjets


The Vanu Sovereignty's Anti-Vehicle MAX—the Comet—fires powerful energy plasma rounds that do "aggravated" damage to the target. This MAX's jump jets allow it to sail over ground obstacles, making this the most mobile of MAXes.

Shots to kill:

Standard Exo-Suit 4 shots
Agile Exo-Suit 5 shots
Reinforced Exo-Suit 7 shots
MAX 7 shots

(The above numbers are taken with 100 Health and full Armor; no MedKits, Implants or Empire Incentives applied)