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Aegis Shield Generator

Certification Required Assault Engineering or Advanced Engineering
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Deploy Shield Generator
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition 1 Field Deployment Unit
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 1 per unit
Zoom -

Aegis Shield Generator

The Aegis Shield Generator is similar to the Cloaking bubble of an Advanced Mobile Station, as it hides anything inside of its bubble from sight. Fortification Engineers can upgrade the Aegis to have a shield by repairing it with a Nano Dispenser (normal ammunition). A fully upgraded shield provides roughly the equivalent of a Phalanx Wall Turret worth of armor protection. Aegis Shield work rather similar to the one gained by a Shield Module. They block all fire, both enemy and friendly, as well as enemy vehicles. Note that friendly fire at the shield will reduce the Shield's power.

The Aegis Shield Generator can also be upgraded by Assault Engineers with ammunition benefits. This benefit eventually wears off and will need to be re-upgraded periodically. The status of the Aegis can be seen by double clicking on the Aegis deployable icon on the Continental Map. Note that if a character has both Fortification and Assault Engineering (or Advanced Engineering), upgrading the shields takes priority, and thus to upgrade to ammunition benefits, the shield must first be at full strength.

Assault Engineers can only place 1 Aegis Shield Generator at any given time. As with all the other Deployables, if the Engineer tries to deploy a second one, the first one will deconstruct. Note however, that friendlies might be using your Shield Generator as cover, and will be exposed to enemy fire if you deconstruct it!

The interference range of the Aegis is the same as that of an AMS. The Aegis shares the same interference ranges as the Tactical Resonance Area Protection (TRAP) and the One-Manned Field Turrets.

Soldiers certified in Data Corruption or Electronics Expert can use their T-REK to infect enemy Aegis shields with a Virus. This virus causes the Aegis to emit a Pain Field, harming any friendly unit inside its bubble.

Expert Hackers or Electronics Experts can remove an enemy virus from the Aegis and also use their REK to hack a friendly Aegis to provide a short-ranged Interlink benefit around it for friendly units. However, the radar is only active for friendly units that are inside the cloaking sphere of the Aegis. Like the ammunition upgrade, the radar eventually wears off over time and will need to be re-upgraded for continual use.