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Type Vehicle Transport
Role Vehicle Transport/Mobile Repair
Certification Required Air Support
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon -
Secondary Weapon -
Occupants 1 (Pilot)
Handling Very Poor
Top speed 79 kph (150 kph with Afterburner)


 Lodestar carries an
Lodestar carries an AMS

The Lodestar is a massive, shoebox shaped aircraft designed to carry any vehicle and also act as a remote Repair/rearm station. Infantry may not be directly transported by the Lodestar, but must be inside a vehicle.

Extremely poor maneuverability, a gigantic profile, and a complete lack of weaponry leave the Lodestar with only its impressive armor as means for survival, although the Lodestar does have an Afterburner.

Vehicles in transit may Hotdrop in a similar manner to infantry in a Galaxy , (Default 'Alt-G') but must take extra care to ensure the landing area is flat and driveable. Vehicles landing on rooftops, walls, walkways and railings face massive damage and desconstruction.

Vehicles being carried by the Lodestar are protected by an energy field, rendering them immune to damage. However, they may not shoot out of the field, and will be destroyed with the Lodestar if still aboard.

When landed, the Lodestar provides a mobile Repair/rearm station. Friendly vehicles simply drive (or hover) close to the Lodestar and they are autorepaired. They can also rearm their vehicle in the same way as can be done at the base's Repair/Rearm Silo, making them very valuable for attacks on distant enemy bases. By piloting the lodestar and assisting others in this way, one can earn the Lodestar Support merits.

The Lodestar can only be purchased at a Dropship Center or in the Sanctuary and requires the Air Support certification.

The Lodestar's apparent namesake is the Lockheed Lodestar