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BFR Anti-Infantry

Type Vehicle Weaponry
Provides Access To BFR Anti-Infantry Weaponry
Pre-requisite BattleFrame Robotics
Required For -
Cert Point Cost 1

BFR Anti-Infantry

The Anti-Infantry configuration is designed to quickly take down soft targets in the form of foot soldiers.

The VS have the Continuous Laser which is an anti-infantry beam, inflicting a steady stream of damage on its target. The laser loses effectiveness beyond 125 meters, but this is made up by its extreme precision and devastating effects on infantry and relatively light armor of MAX units.

The TR have the Rotary Chaingun which is set up to defend against infantry and air targets. With a high rate of fire, low recoil and heavy damage, it will shred its targets. Its drawback will be its high rate of ammo consumption.

The NC have the Hammer which is a serious anti-infantry weapon, firing a wide spread of shredding pellets over a short range and a secondary fire mode that concentrates the pellets for medium range work. While the weapon is lethal to infantry targets, it lacks punch to beat quickly through heavy armored vehicles.