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Continental Data

Category: Outer World
Climate: Arctic
Landmass: Continent
Terrain: Snowy hills and plains, icy beaches, rugged woodland.
Facilities: 13
Active Warpgates: 4
Capitol: Technology Plant Eisa


One of two 'white' continents, Esamir is currently the largest planet/continent being fought over in the Auraxian Civil War.

According to game lore, Esamir was the last continent to be mapped by the Terran Republic after traveling through the Wormhole. While the entire continent is blanketed in snow, the temperature is not cold enough to freeze the lagoon that encompasses the central island. The planet shivers beneath a sky full of moons.

Esamir's warpgates have a history of being very unstable, partly due to the high concentration of matrixing echoes present. Many weapon and vehicle patterns (most notably the Lasher) were retrived from the warpgates on Esamir.

The continent's terrain is rough, scattered with dense snow-covered forests, low visibility and rolling hills, making off-road travel via ground vehicles difficult. This snowy, challenging terrain can be bewildering to learn, but judicious use of your personal waypoint will keep you on the right path.

Esamir is a Home Continent. Thirteen bases are located here, with the Capitol, Eisa located on a frozen island in the central sea, surrounded by its Sub-Capitols.

A Sanctuary warpgate links to the Helheim Technology Plant in the south east. The continent's other Warpgates link from Ran to Marduk, Ishundar; Nott to Leza, Cyssor; and Andvari to Dagda, Forseral. See Home Continent for the current empire sanctuary links.

This continent is also refered to as Es.

Base Facilities

Amp Stations

Bio Laboratories

Dropship Centers

Technology Plants


Land Bridges

Esamir has two distinct land bridge areas; paths where vehicles can ford bodies of water with little risk of engine swamping.

Freyr Land Bridge

Andvari Land Bridge