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Version 3.2.6 (December 21, 2004)

Battle Islands: Global Benefits! December's Combat Event focuses on the Battle Islands, creating unique combat scenarios and offering benefits for locking the facilities on those continents. The changes are as followed:

'' * Battle Island Event *

Starting with this update and running through the first week in January, we have unique game play for the Battle Islands. Locking each Battle Island has an overall positive effect for that Empire’s Lattice until it is locked by another Empire.

You can view the status of these global benefits via the Empire Benefits tab from the Map interface.

Extinction: ground based bridge brawls! Limitations – No Air Vehicles, no Tanks, no BFRs, no Flails, no Deliverer Variants Benefit – All Empire bases will gain faster respawn as if they have a Bio lab connected to them.

Desolation: ranged slug fest! Limitations – No Heavy Assault weapons, No Flight BFRs, No Air Vehicles, no Flails Benefit – All Empire vehicles gain an extra 10% armor.

Ascension: battle for air supremacy! Limitations – No Skyguards, no Deliverer Variants, no AA MAX, no BFRs, no Tanks, no Flails Zone specific change – Everyone has access to Empire AV weapons and can pilot air vehicles Benefit – All Empire bases act as if they have an AMP station connected to them.

Nexus: t3h footzerg! Limitations – Only Galaxies, Routers and ANTs can be purchased at the base. AMS cannot be purchased, but can be driven in from connecting continents. Benefit – All Empire bases act as if they have a Dropship center connected to them.

If soldiers attempt to enter the zone with vehicles that are not allowed, they will not be mobile upon entering and will auto deconstruct as soon as they are vacated. Soldiers that enter with equipment that is not allowed (such as AA MAX on Ascension) will load up their first favorite that does not include invalid equipment. If not allowable favorites are found, they will arrive in their default spawn loadout.

BFR Adjustments

  • Standard BFR's will no longer be available for purchase.
  • The Gunner variants will be available to players after Imprinting in the Caverns without requiring the Advanced BFR Merit Commendation.
  • The Gunner variants will be renamed Colossus, Aphelion and Peregrine.
  • Adjusted the armor on the Gunner variants to all be the same, equaling the current Colossus.
  • Adjusted the movement characteristics (top speed, turning radius, etc) of all Gunner variants to be the same, roughly equaling the current Colossus.
  • Run speed is now 35 kph for all.
  • Moderately increased the effectiveness of BFR Gunner weaponry.
  • Lowered the damage absorption and regeneration rate (while moving and crouching) for the Flight BFR's. Reduced the armor on all Flight BFR's.
  • Reduced damage done by BFR pilot weaponry. Adjusted movement characteristics of the Flight BFR's to be roughly equal or better than the current Eclipse.
  • The Advanced BFR kill streak has been adjusted to required 15 kills.
  • Caverns Facilities will count toward BFR acquisition if they merit 450 or more Experience.
  • Holiday hats, gift corpses and lights on the frozen continents will be back again to celebrate the holidays.
  • The stats pane will reflect driver assisted kills, meaning that if a gunner scores a kill, the driver will also have a kill registered to their stats. Driver assisted kills will be tracked in their own section of the stats pane.
  • Bail malfunctions will now have a chance to occur when a vehicle has 35% or less armor remaining.
  • Corrected a bug that could cause door IFF Door Locks to disappear at certain Level of Detail settings.
  • Corrected a joystick slider center point default that was not being applied properly.
  • Corrected a issue that could lead to a crash to desktop when respawning.
  • Lodestars can no longer repair vehicles while they are flying.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause you to stop hacking a control console when your vehicle was attacked.
  • Removed the possibility for a gunner to take damage when bailing from colliding with the back of the vehicle.
  • Fixed invisible collision issues with removed BFR Sheds on Battle Island maps.