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Phalanx wall turrets are the only fixed weapons and non-passive defensive installations of surface bases and gun and air towers.

When unmanned, the Phalanx can track and fire upon larger vehicles and aircraft, as well as MAX units (only if they are in run mode). ATVs, Harassers, and Mosquitos are invisible to Phalanx turrets. An active unmanned Phalanx will return fire if fired upon and is less than 50% damaged. It is extremely accurate when unmanned, but its rate of fire is about one-third of it is when manned.

When manned, the Phalanx offers a very high rate of fire, unlimited ammunition, 360° rotation, a range of 400m, and a fairly high firing angle which allows it to target aircraft. Unfortunately, it has a large cone of fire, making it inaccurate at long ranges. It can also be destroyed easily, taking only a few tank rounds to make it inoperable.

When a Phalanx turret is completely destroyed, it becomes unusable. It can be returned to working order again by repairing it to 50% of its health using a Nano Dispenser. The Phalanx will be automatically repaired, albeit very slowly, as long as the base has a supply of NTUs. Without any assistance from soldiers, a completely destroyed Phalanx takes approximately 50 minutes to self-repair to a usable state (therefore, an unattended Phalanx will completely repair itself in about 1 hour and 40 minutes).

The Phalanx can be upgraded by soldiers having the Fortification Engineering certification to fire either Anti-Aircraft or Anti-Armor rounds in addition to the standard rounds. The Anti-Aircraft Flak Cannon rounds are similar to the flak rounds of the skyguard, but fires at a slightly slower rate. The Anti-Armor Twin-Cannons rounds are similar to the rate of fire and trajectory of the prowler main gun, but the damage is not as great. Kills made with the flak cannon also count towards the Air Defender merit. Upgrades are done with the Nano Dispenser and last for 30 minutes unless destroyed or the base changes empire control. The type of upgrade can be changed at any time by starting the process over again. When firing in auto-fire mode, upgraded turrets only fire standard rounds.

Soldiers certed in Data Corruption can infect enemy Wall Turrets causing them to fire at their own Empire, instead of their enemies. However, they will act as regular Wall Turrets when infected, meaning they will only shoot vehicles and auto-running MAX Units.