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Soul Strike

Soul_Strike is a mid-sized outfit that fights for the Vanu Sovereignty on the Emerald Server. They also have alt chapters on New Conglomerate-Markov and Terran Republic-Werner.

Outfit History

In the summer of 2004 a couple of Soldiers deployed in Korea joined Planetside. They quickly were snatched up by a Tactical Outfit, the Band of Bros. Both Soldiers excelled in the game, and in making leadership decisions, leading to their quick promotion to officer rank. One of those Soldiers excelled so much that the outfit leader, one NemisisOrion, Gave the outfit to him when he left the game. That Soldier was Soulkeeper. Since most of the experienced players left with NemisisOrion, Soulkeeper had to build the outfit back up. After a couple of months of hard work doing that rebuild, NemisisOrion came back, and wanted control of the outfit again, which Soulkeeper relinquished peacefully. NemisisOrion used a diffrent leadership style than Soulkeeper, which many new members of the outfit who had never served under NemisisOrion did not like at all. They convinced Soulkeeper to drop from Band of Bros and lead them in a new Outfit, named Soul_Strike. At first there was some bad blood between the newer and older Outfits, but over the years things have smoothed out. Soul_Strike has also gone through periods of turmoil, usually when the Outfit Leader must be gone for extended periods of time. As of December 2006, the Outfit is just coming out of such a recession.


Soul_Strike bills itself as a QRF (Quick Reaction Force). As such, it trains its leaders to look for time critical missions. Due to its highly mobile nature, the Outfit favors Galaxy drops, and MBT columns, among other tactics. Soul_Strike also makes extensive use of voice chat as a force multiplier.


Soul_Strike is lead as it always has been by its founder, Soulkeeper. Underneath him are the commanding officers, and underneath them are Tactical commanders. Anyone can take charge in a Soul_Strike Outfit squad or platoon, and it is encouraged that everyone in the Outfit get some leadership training. To prevent leadership clashes, only one player is actively in command, and if not the ranking officer online, his/her decisions are passed through the ranking officer before being passed on to the troops.

Outfit Leader is: Soulkeeperm

Current Commanding Officers are: JediMercenary21 GreenNsticky RAKninja Clock11 Current Tactical Officers are: Kdogg cpl18delta kildyu Kinataro DrChaos MissingInAction90